Ahlan Wa Sahlan Wa Marhaban


21/06/2010 14:52


The aim of this research is to find out how big is the influence of web quality toward satisfying transaction of women gender user. Besides that this research is also to find out degree of compability in determining some factors in increasing priority of women gender. Data analysis will have (x) as variable Web Quality and stasfying in transaction with women gender using variable (y) have reached corelation of coefisien as big as 0,658, It can be concluded a positif relation and significant between quality of web (x) and satisfying in transaction of women gender (y) have the form of regression linier Y = 38,297 + 0,384, X. Moreover result analysis of interest and implementation of satisfying transaction for women as business user have reached level of compatibility of service existence for 100 %, service responsive for 101,69%, service accurate for 100% service professionalism for 100,59%, totality satisfying with service 100,9%. Degree of compatibility of total satisfying with product is 93,73%. Conclusion of analysis, level interest factors needed to be maintenance because degree of implementation has compatible with interest and hope of women user are: service existence, service responsiveness, service professionalism, and the overall satisfaction with service, factors or attributes influence women gender user satisfaction which is less important to women, whereas accurateness of implementation is usual or sufficient that is accurateness service and overall satisfaction toward product. There are no factor or attribute considered to be exaggerated in its implementation, this particularly because women gender web user think those factors do not really important, however the most important is good implementation.
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