Ahlan Wa Sahlan Wa Marhaban


27/09/2015 16:21
Abstract—Community needs for information, instant access and the community is an important factor of life of all people. It makes a lot of people are looking for way stobe come more efficient communication process. One of the technologies in terms of communication is the creation of asocial network. One of the social networking sites are very popularis Facebook. Through facebook users can interact with other users either individually or in groups. For user interaction with the group, the developerscreated a facebook features facebook group. The number of people who join a facebook group because of these features has the qualities that make people interested and keento join thegroup.End-user satisfactioncanbe used as onemeasure of the success of this facebook feature. This studyused quantitative methods with simple linear regression analysis. Respondents who serve asresearch object numbered 34people. Based on the correlation coefficient, normality testand test of significance, the variable quality of the facebook grouph as avery strong influence positive and significant impacton user satisfaction. 
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